Nordio case breaks out at Leopolda, center-right divided


Nordio case breaks out at Leopolda, center-right divided

The failure of the Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio to participate in the IV demonstration, at the Leopolda in Florence, took on the tone of a real political case. In the background, the question of the dossiers and the proposal of the Keeper of the Seals, with his defense colleague Guido Crosetto, to establish an ad hoc commission of inquiry.

An initiative that is splitting the center-right. Matteo Renzi immediately entered the gap, making it clear what the crux of the problem is: perhaps Nordio’s exit was improvident and therefore the minister’s trip to Florence was stopped. “This morning at 10:02 Nordio confirmed to us that he would come to Leopolda” and therefore, explained the IV leader, it seems clear that “someone told him ‘No, you don’t go to Leopolda’. It is a sign that evidently the Leopolda continues to be scary”, due to “the fact that a transversal majority could be achieved with respect to those who have an interest in darkening everything, cutting it off and putting it to sleep”. In fact, Fratelli d’Italia appears against the idea of a commission of inquiry, for various reasons: both because there is a commission, the anti-mafia one, which is already working (the president is Chiara Colosimo of FdI), and because the time required for the possible establishment of such a commission is traditionally long. And parliamentary sources make it clear that Colle’s lens has also been activated on a hot topic.

To complicate matters, the League’s position arrived right in the evening and instead took the position of Nordio and Renzi: “Women and men of the League have been spied on repeatedly because they are inconvenient. We need a commission immediately. investigation: Italians deserve to know who spied, who paid, who ordered. And who profited”, reads a note from Salvini’s party, reporting the divisions within the majority.

“Nordio is a gentleman, he is certainly not someone who changes his mind – added Renzi, sharpening his weapons – So let’s see if his proposal on the commission of inquiry into the dossier will be carried forward”. Because “I have the feeling that there is a whole part of the Brothers of Italy that doesn’t want this commission at all”. “Dear Meloni – continued Renzi from the Leopolda stage – we will measure your desire for transparency by the ability to implement a request made by two Fdi ministers, Nordio and Crosetto” but “a part of the majority and of Fdi will do everything to scuttle the commission. To Meloni I say: we will measure your courage if you follow the ideas of two of your ministers, we will see if you really have the courage you boast of.”
Leader IV then obviously guaranteed that Italia Viva will vote in favor of the proposal.

And again, on the scandal of access to databases: “If there have been tens of thousands of accesses it is clear that the motto do not disturb the operator does not only concern the ruling classes of the past but also those who have their hands in the dough now. In this system a method of conducting the political struggle is at play.” According to Renzi, in fact, this is “the model with which they took us from 40 to 4%, it is the model with which they destroyed our reputation”. But, he warned, “your system has failed”, even if the fear is that “the scandal will end in a soap bubble, or they will find a good alibi and a dead culprit to make everyone pay but the gravity of what happened. In this matter, if the truth comes out, I quote Cantone, ‘it’s a vermin’.” From Leopolda also a “fact checking” on Meloni’s work: “out of 10 proposals”, launched during the first Fdi congress on 8 and 9 March 2014, “he brought home only two. Dear Giorgina, 80% you are the most inconsistent woman in Italian politics.”

The day’s work was also animated by the intervention of Professor Sabino Cassese who, on the question of the dossiers, said he was “astonished that within the prosecutor’s office there were no banal rules, filters that serve to guarantee the fact that, being the men of the devils and not angels as the Americans say, we must ensure that the devils do not commit any devilry.” “We should – he further observed – do a check up on the state of health of the anti-mafia prosecutor’s office, 30 years after its creation”.

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