Alessandro Siani is looking for a husband in Arisa on You've Got Mail, but the hunt fails: "He doesn't exist"


Alessandro Siani is looking for a husband in Arisa on You've Got Mail, but the hunt fails: "He doesn't exist"
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The latest story of C'è Posta per Te features Arisa and Alessandro Siani as its protagonists. The Neapolitan director and comedian invited the singer on Maria De Filippi's well-known program after reading a post in which she was looking for a husband and, therefore, he decided to start a search himself by presenting his friend with a series of candidates. It seems, however, that there isn't one that's right for him.

Alessandro Siani wants to find Arisa a husband

Alessandro Siani appears on the Canale 5 show with a noble intent, that of helping a friend who has expressed the desire to meet a man who can be her life partner, as he tells Maria De Filippi:

You managed to establish peace with everyone, fathers, sons, parrots, you practically Maria miss the transfer of car ownership, the transfer, my compliments. You managed to make millions of people cry. I chose to be here today, it's because while I was working on my film, It happens even in the best families, at a certain point what happens, I was with my authors, and I see this post by Arisa and then, since I've known Arisa for years, I love her and you love her, but do we want to find a man for Arisa?

Arisa knows her suitors

Arisa accepts the invitation and arrives at the studio curious to know what awaits her. When he discovers Siani behind the envelope, he begins by saying: ” He's truly a very nice person both on and off the stage.” The Neapolitan showman does not lose heart and therefore explains to the person concerned the reason for this meeting:

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Arisa good evening, my friend, we met during a film, the worst week of my life, and the last time we met it was for a wonderful reason, Napoli's victory of the scudetto. While I was working with my team of authors, we read a post in which you were looking for a husband, you know that it is not a simple thing, because women must be listened to, you must respect women and above all love them. I thought of something, I would like to give this friend of mine a hand in finding the right man, and it can be done with candidates and you tell me if you like them or not. There's a free place near you, we could actually change the name of the program, There's a place for you.

The presentations of the various subjects called as possible suitors then begin: ” Since you are an ironic woman, in my opinion you need a man who makes you laugh Antonio Fiorillo, next to a great woman you need a great man” says Siani as he enters a man 2.10m tall and with 51cm shoes.

Then it's time for Javier : ” This is a model, it's an unmissable opportunity, Javier. In the couple's relationship he speaks little, he doesn't speak at all” and in fact, put to the test, he doesn't seem to utter a word, except some smiles. It's time, then for Ciro Salatino : ” A great imitator, it's a useful thing because women often get bored and therefore with him you can have the possibility of going to sleep with one person and waking up with another”. The boy shows great talent, but it seems that there are no men who satisfy the singer's search: ” There is no such thing as the right man for me ” he says between laughs, and then opens the envelope, after consulting with Maria De Filippi: ” But I open it, but I remain single, let's be clear, I only say hello to them ” says Arisa before embracing Siani and her eligible husbands.


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