Alessandra Sardoni of Tg La7 awarded at the Milazzo Film Festival. Mentana's comment


Alessandra Sardoni of Tg La7 awarded at the Milazzo Film Festival. Mentana's comment

“In reality I have a terrible relationship with my physicality, I absolutely can't look at myself, as soon as I see myself again I feel terrible, I always have a shiver – said Alessandra Sardoni , awarded at the Attorstudio – Milazzo Film Festival, with the “Media & Culture” award, by Caterina Taricano and Mario Sesti, after important awards given to actors such as Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Lino Banfi, Michele Riondino – However, I believe that the format of the Mentana marathon was, so to speak, constructed, in this way, a bit like a comedy of art. The duets, the characters, each of which has particular characteristics, as if it were a mask.”

It is an award that saw Mentana himself, on video, celebrate the parliamentary reporter for her style of “under acting”, or sober acting. “to remove”, as they say in the cinema. “I have never dared to speak and judge great journalists – said Lino Banfi who presented her with the award – but I find that Alessandra Sardoni is very good. She is good and beautiful, because it is right for women to follow this order.”

But in addition to the comedy rhythm of the duets between Mentana and Sardoni, during the famous live broadcasts of 7, can't we also talk a bit about thrillers, asked Mario Sesti on stage, “because when Mentana says: 'Alessandra, where did you end up , where are you?”, also shows the suspense of the action, the behind the scenes of the live information”. “This is very true and, in my opinion, it is also one of the keys to the success of this format, because in reality it is the opposite of all the other live broadcasts, where you see the journalist and the studio talking without also showing, I don't know , the microphone, the operator, the wire. I remember once, during a live broadcast, a bulkhead was falling on me. I was in the courtyard of Montecitorio, there was a kind of bulkhead that separated the various stands where the other journalists were grouped, which was falling on me and Luca Zaia picked it up like that, on the fly, sheltering me. Preventing it from falling on me. It was a comical moment but also an unexpected event with potentially unpredictable outcomes.”

There must have also been many duets, but of a completely different type, on the set of the film Volare , by Margherita Buy , where her daughter, Caterina De Angelis, also worked as an actress, also awarded by Banfi at the Attorstudio Milazzo Film Festival with the recognition “A star is Born”, dedicated to the promises of acting on stage and in cinema who have come to light in recent seasons: such as De Angelis who became one of Carlo Verdone's co-stars in his series Vita da Carlo .

“I was very worried about working with my mother – said De Angelis – after all, this film couldn't have been made differently because it is a subject that came to our minds together at a time when I was moving to England and the terror of my mother's flight became a real problem: what is said in the film is all true. I, on the other hand, was terrified of working with her who actually had to convince me to do this thing together. In the end, it was a very nice experience but because she and I are very argumentative, we fought all the time. Once, on set, they had put some sushi on a table on stage. A train driver and I started eating it. She arrived and discovered that we had finished it: it was needed for filming. They had to buy it back. And she got very angry with me.”

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