At Sanremo 2024 the story of Giogiò Cutolo, the musician killed in Naples, told by his mother, Daniela Di Maggio


At Sanremo 2024 the story of Giogiò Cutolo, the musician killed in Naples, told by his mother, Daniela Di Maggio

Sanremo Festival 2024


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Sanremo Festival 2024

Can you die for a parking lot? Yet it happened .” Amadeus, on the Sanremo stage, thus introduces the story of Giovan Battista Cutolo , the 24-year-old Neapolitan musician who was killed last August 31st in Piazza Municipio, hit by three gunshots fired by a 16-year-old, part of a small group that had decided , that evening, to provoke the victim and his friends. ” He was a musician – continued the host – his dream was to play here, in Sanremo, and if there hadn't been that cursed night I'm sure his dream would have come true “.

This evening his mother, Daniela Di Maggio , took to the stage to talk about that tragedy. His presence had been confirmed in recent days by the presenter, who had communicated his intention to remember the 24-year-old during the singing event. The woman read a letter for her son, remembering when the boy dreamed of playing on the Sanremo stage:

My love, do you remember when last year you had to play at the Sanremo polyphonic orchestra and I asked you to come and you said to me: “Mum, are you crazy? the little boy with his little mother with him”. You told me that Sanremo seemed like Naples, but with a French sparkle and you said that if you really had moved, you would have chosen Sanremo. Do you remember when you watched your teacher Luca, playing here in Sanremo.

My love, that day has come. And do you know why? Because you are beautiful inside and out. You have an aristocratic way of being in the world, you practice kindness and generate beauty around you, unlike those who barbarically snatched you from life. And precisely because love is the opposite of death, tonight you live through the music you loved and which will make you eternal. And then because tonight all of Italy is listening to the talent and notes of maestro Giovan Battista Cutolo. Hello, Giogiò, we all love you. And your mother will never forget you. Hello, my love.

Then Daniela Di Maggio added, showing the bouquet of flowers that was delivered to her:

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I believe flowers are the archetype of love. I dedicate them to you, Ama, because with your sensitivity you have remembered an artist in the temple of music. I dedicate them to Italy, to my Naples where there are many beautiful people, of which my son and I are the example. I dedicate these flowers to my daughter Lulù, who has become an only child, to Giogiò's friends, who without their brother no longer know how to reposition themselves in the world and finally I dedicate these flowers to Justice.

The murder of Giogiò Cutolo in Naples

That evening Giovan Battista Cutolo went out with some friends and stopped for a sandwich in a pub in Piazza Municipio, in the center of Naples. There he had met by chance a “paranzella”, a group of very young people from the Quartieri Spagnoli and Piazza Bellini, who had begun to annoy him. First there had been an argument over a badly parked scooter, then the taunts and provocations while the musician and his friends were eating. The situation had transcended when one of the small group had emptied a jar of mayonnaise on the head of one of Giogiò's friends. And, a few moments later, the gunshots, fired by one of the paranzella, who had remained on the sidelines until then: the autopsy revealed that he was killed with three bullets, one of which was in the back.

The boy, a 16-year-old from Quartieri Spagnoli who was quickly tracked down by the Flying Squad, had admitted the provocations and having shot, but said he had not realized he had killed the 24-year-old. And the gun, he added, he had found with friends a few days earlier, in the street. A version, however, which had been disavowed by members of his own group who, having also been identified, had stated that they did not know that he was armed.

The 16-year-old is in prison, the first hearing of the trial has been set for March. In addition to him, two adults are also under investigation for the murder of the orchestra musician Scarlatti Young; one of these was arrested earlier this year in Spain and is being held there for theft of a Rolex.


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