In Ischia the missing woman was found dead by two reporters from 'Chi l'ha visto': the death dates back to the last 24 hours


In Ischia the missing woman was found dead by two reporters from 'Chi l'ha visto': the death dates back to the last 24 hours

Antonella Di Massa, the 51-year-old from Casamicciola who disappeared from home on the morning of February 17 and was found today, would have died no more than 24 hours ago. This is what the first investigations on the woman's body would have highlighted, ANSA learns. The body of the 51-year-old married mother of two daughters was found by the correspondents of the TV show 'Chi l'ha visto' 'Francesco Paolo Del Re and Marco Monti who immediately notified the family and the police. The body was in a plot under some trees in an area not far from the Succhivo square where the woman had left her car and where she was last seen by some witnesses on the day of her disappearance.

Doubts to be clarified

In the days following the disappearance, a huge search effort was set up to find the woman which involved many men from the police force, several volunteers, helicopters, dog units, drones and a Coast Guard boat which searched the areas from the sea. south of the island. The searches continued even at night using thermoscanners and extending them to other areas of the island and viewing the footage of many video surveillance systems and asking for the collaboration of the shipping companies but without any success: the woman seemed to have vanished into thin air.

Then, this morning, Antonella's body was found by a crew from Who Has Seen it, under some trees in land that borders a very busy country road. The owners of the land, among other things, declared that they were there the day after the woman's disappearance and that they had not noticed anything strange. The hypothesis favored by the investigators is that the woman committed suicide, a hypothesis that can be confirmed by the autopsy. However, questions remain. When and where did Antonella die? If she died in the same place where her body was found, why did the searches fail, considering that the rescue teams passed through that area dozens of times? There are also those who hypothesize that it was not a suicide and that the body may have been placed in that place recently, but at the moment there is no confirmation of this indiscretion.

During the research into the disappearance of the housewife, married with two daughters, various hypotheses circulated, including that the woman may have moved away from the island, or that she was still in Ischia and that, with the help of someone, she was hiding in some house or farmhouse in the countryside, as a note found at the home by the family several days after the woman's departure would have suggested.

According to the police, Antonella was searched practically everywhere on the southern side of Ischia, also with the collaboration of the Alpine Speleological Rescue: the teams of researchers especially combed through the Cavoni and the most inaccessible areas between Succhivo, Panza and Sant 'Angel. In the Panza square the dogs picked up some olfactory traces, a circumstance which led to the hypothesis that the woman, after abandoning her car, passed through that area, perhaps using a bus.

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