At You've Got Mail Tommaso and Maria are looking for their son Agostino after 9 years, he: "You fired me"


At You've Got Mail Tommaso and Maria are looking for their son Agostino after 9 years, he: "You fired me"

You've Got Mail 2024

The second story of C'è Posta per te, in the March 2 episode, is dedicated to a divided family: Maria and Tommaso have had no relationship with their son Agostino for 9 years due to his marriage to Debora. Furthermore, they have never had relations with their granddaughter.

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You've Got Mail 2024

The second story of C'è Posta per te , in the March 2 episode, is dedicated to Maria and Tommaso , who have not had a relationship with their son Agostino for 9 years. The breakup occurred when Debora , his current wife, entered the man's life, with whom he also had a daughter. Daughter that Mrs. Maria and Mr. Tommaso have never been able to date.

The story of Augustine, Mary and Thomas

Maria and Tommaso turned to C'è Posta per te to reconnect with their son Agostino , after 9 years of separation. When he was 22 years old, Debora arrived in the man's life, who Mrs. Maria never liked, both from an aesthetic point of view and because she was five years older. The family ran a pastry shop, where Agostino worked until his parents decided to sell the business.

In 2007, Agostino told his parents that he wanted to marry Debora and they, despite not fully accepting her, supported the marriage, helping them financially both for the wedding and for the rent of their first home. Then, in 2013, the woman became pregnant with their first daughter and, in the same period, lost her mother . A loss that splits the family even further: Maria and Tommaso don't go to Debora's mother's funeral . However, Maria shows up at the hospital shortly after the birth of the little girl, but is not allowed to see her, just as she is not given the opportunity to baptize her. From that moment on, relations broke down completely.

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Maria and Tommaso want to mend relationships with their son and daughter-in-law

Despite a difficult past, Maria and Tommaso are willing to leave everything behind and write a new chapter in their relationship with Agostino and his wife Debora. The first to speak, in the C'è Posta per te studio, is Mrs. Maria who says to her son:

Hello my love, you know how much I love you. I thought I wouldn't get emotional, but I can't. You are always in our thoughts, even our granddaughter, who I never had the chance to hang out with. I don't know if we knew how to be parents, but we never made you want for anything. I want to talk about the present and the future, make sure that everything can go back to how it was, stop bringing us this hatred, we don't deserve it. You are living a wrong life by distancing yourself from us. I ask you, as a mother, if we made a mistake, put a stop to it.

The woman then turns directly to her daughter-in-law, explaining that she doesn't feel resentful, that she wants to be a mother and grandmother, even though she has never tried to get closer: ” How would you feel if your daughter, one day, was taken away from you? You you never did anything to try to bring us closer, but I forgive you anyway . The past is the past. I want to be a mother and grandmother.” Tommaso also underlined that he did not bear a grudge against Debora, then he explained to his son: “I have always loved you, I love you and you know it. I have never expressed your love for you, you have left me taken aback, I have I felt abandoned and sold the business, not to wrong you.”

The decision of Agostino and Debora

Agostino, first of all, wants to know what the parents told Maria De Filippi. From the beginning, there are differences in the story: ” I paid for the honeymoon. They were made aware of the fact that Debora was pregnant” . What complicated relations was the absence of Maria and Tommaso at the funeral of Debora's mother. They had to show up and do their duty , not call a relative,” explained Agostino. And then he added: ” I felt mortified, the only ones absent were my parents . Debora was too angry and ill, she didn't accept my mother's visit. I decided not to have the little girl baptized. I didn't give up on the work, they fired me from our business.”

Another point of disagreement concerns work: Mrs. Maria claims to have never fired her son, while he claims to have “the dismissal letter”. ” It is unacceptable that they fired me, they told me to stay at home and not show up for work again, it wasn't my choice “, reiterated Agostino. Debora underlines that she has never felt completely accepted by her family and that she was upset by their absence at her mother's funeral:

I expected them to regret what they did, but that's not the case. It started because I am 5 years older, I have never felt welcomed, never at ease, even though I tried in every way. I was disappointed, they weren't close to me, they did absolutely nothing. Do you think that in a situation of such great pain, we would have thrown them out? It's not true that I didn't let him touch the little girl.

Agostino reflected on the fact that Maria was a good mother for him, until Debora entered his life. ” I intend to do without them because of the way they behave. They threw me out,” he explained. Maria De Filippi then tried to reason with him: “They love you, otherwise they wouldn't be here” . “Now let's accept each other, that's enough” , added Tommaso. ” We made a mistake, there will be time to fix it ,” Maria echoed. Initially hesitant about the real change in the two, in the end, Debora and Agostino decide to open the envelope and give the relationship a new chance.


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