At You've Got Mail Bruno, Mario and Armando are looking for a love from 60 years ago: no woman recognizes them


At You've Got Mail Bruno, Mario and Armando are looking for a love from 60 years ago: no woman recognizes them

You've Got Mail 2024

Bruno, Mario and Armando, in the March 2 episode of You've Got Mail, want to rediscover a love from 60 years ago. The three women in question are called Ondina, Luciana and Silvana. None of them, however, recognize the man on the other side of the envelope.

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You've Got Mail 2024

The fourth story of You've Got Mail is dedicated to three men, Bruno, Mario and Armando , who are looking for their loves after 60 years . The three women are called Ondina, Luciana and Silvana and agree to sit in the studio, even without knowing each other.

The story of Bruno and Ondina: “I don't recognize him”

Bruno writes to C'è Posta per te to look for Mrs. Ondina after 60 years of distance. There was an important love story between them: Bruno was 18 years old, he worked as a printer and she was his employee. They were engaged for years, then he moved to Germany for work and Ondina met Sergio, who later became her husband. It was the lady, therefore, who left him. But Bruno never accepted it and went to the sanctuary of Santa Teresa, leaving the ring that she had given him as a pledge (he had also given her one). In Maria De Filippi's study, Bruno reads a letter for his Ondina, hoping that she will recognize him:

I fell in love with Dutch, Austrian, Italian, but I prefer women with long hair. I lived for 7 years in Arabia. I don't believe in miracles, even if I am devoted to a Saint. I'm crazy about roast chicken, I don't wear rings because they bother me. I'm used to taking one-way trains, would you like me to come and visit you sometime?

He has a beautiful smile, but I don't recognize him. But what's your name?” , Ondina immediately said. “You have to know,” he replied, before coming out into the open. ” I imagined, but the truth is that I was the one who took him to Santa Teresa, hoping that he would go away” , the lady told Maria De Filippi and the man. Finally she only agreed to say goodbye, without wanting to see him again.

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Mario looks for Luciana, but she is still angry

Also in the studio is Mr. Mario: for five years he was engaged to Luciana, who was a baysitter in Rome in the house opposite his. The love story between the two continued until she decided to move to a different neighborhood and he started dating Cesarina, who became his wife. Now he has been a widower for 13 years and is tired of being alone at Christmas, so he asked the woman to see him again:

I am a very demanding but soft-hearted man. I have a large house, with a huge living room. When I go dancing, I never leave after midnight. I bought a sofa, a chest and a coat rack. It is said that nothing of the pig is thrown away, I informed the domestic worker that I am going home with a woman. Do you want to stay with me?

“It doesn't tell me anything. But what's his name?” , asked Luciana, visibly surprised. “My name is Mario”. At what point, the lady recognized him, but doesn't want to have anything to do with him, still angry at the way things went between them: ” I don't want to see him. Now what are you looking for? He married Cesarina, you liked her more, I too am a widow .” Even the woman, like Ondina, only agrees to say hello to him.

Armando and Silvana: the meeting in the oratory at 14 years old

Finally it is the turn of Armando and Silvana: there has never been a true love story between them, but the gentleman – when he was 16 years old and attended the oratory – was particularly struck by the beauty of the 14 year old, who however shortly afterwards he left Ravenna to return to Rome. Then there was no more contact between them. In the studio of You've Got Mail, Armando hopes that that little girl, now an adult, remembers him 64 years later:

I have seen the film Titanic 4 times, I am a romantic and sentimental man. I like Pooh songs, I ride around on my bike and still drive a car, I play bowls and I've won quite a few races. I am a very religious man, I am a cleric. When I participate in dance parties I don't dance much, but today I would like to make you listen to “Il cielo in una stanza”, can you allow me this dance?

“Are we talking about 60 years ago?” , were Silvana's first words. ” There was nothing important, just a friendship at the oratory , in the church”, reiterated Mr. Armando. Then he added: ” Don't you remember? I was a cleric, I gave you a kiss at a little party” . I'm sorry, I don't remember,” concluded the woman, agreeing to say goodbye to him.


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