120 women killed in 2023, half by their partners or exes


120 women killed in 2023, half by their partners or exes

There are 120 women killed in 2023, of which 64 by partners or ex-partners with a decrease of 6%. The incidence of women killed in the family/emotional context also shows a decrease between 2020 and 2023: in approximately a quarter of cases the killings of women fall within the context of the parent/child relationship. In 89% of the incidents, it was the sons who killed the mothers. The alleged perpetrators of the murders of women are identified with percentages of around 90%.

These are some of the data contained in the report “8 March. International Women's Rights Day. Women victims of violence”, of the Criminal Analysis Service of the Central Criminal Police Directorate, Joint Forces Office of the Department of Public Security.

A document that analyzes the four-year period 2020/2023 and created in collaboration with the Women's Serie A Volleyball League, given that young champions have enriched the document with their testimonies on the value of sport to promote effective gender equality.

In 2023 there was also a decrease in mistreatment against family members and cohabitants and in persecutory acts, crimes in the previous three years, both of which had already shown a constant increase.

Sexual violence is of the opposite sign: in the four-year period there is a growth trend for sexual violence, an increase, it is pointed out in the document, which at least in part, can be read as the partial “surfacing of a hidden person”, i.e. the testimony also of an increased sensitivity towards the phenomenon.

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The report also defines as “interesting” the data relating to the application of the “red code”, which sees a “significant increase”, both in the crimes committed and in the reports against the alleged known perpetrators” such as the violation of expulsion orders family home and the ban on approaching places frequented by the offended person. But even in this case the data “can be interpreted in a positive way” or “as an increase in the propensity to report”.

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